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The meal ready to eat, also known as MRE, is an independent self-sufficient, single substance portion in lightweight packing purchased by the Department of Defense of the United States of America for its soldiers to use in battle or any other field circumstances where prearranged food services are not viable. While meal ready to eat should be kept in medium temperature, they do not require to be frozen. The replaced the meal combat individual, or MCI supplies, by 1981 and it is also the proposed heir to the less heavy LRP portions financed by the American Army for Special Forces and Ranger patrolling components during the Vietnam War. Meals ready to eat have also been given and fed to civilians in natural disasters.

The initial American soldier ration dictated by the Congress in an Official Resolution, during the Revolutionary War, comprised of sufficient nutrients to feed a human in the course of one day, it was mostly comprised by peas, beef, and rice. Throughout the Civil War, the American military moved in the direction of canned goods to feed their soldiers. Well ahead, a self-contained supply was delivered as a complete share and contained bread canned meat, sugar, salt, and coffee. During the World War I, canned meat was replaced by low weight conserved meats, either salted or dried, to save load and allow more supplies to be carried by soldiers taking their supplements while on foot. At the start of World War II, a number of novel fields portions were presented, including the Jungle portion and the Mountain portion. Though cost cutting methods by Quartermaster Command officials during the last fragment of World War II and the war in Korea once more saw the prevalence of substantial canned rations delivered to soldiers, regardless of operational environment or missions. During the World War II, over a hundred million spam cans were shipped to the Pacific Ocean. The use of MRE for sale was continued throughout the Vietnam War, with the enhancement combat individual field share.

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