Nancy Putkoski, the ex-wife of the renowned chef Anthony Bourdain

Born on April 8, 1955, in New Jersey, Nancy Putkoski is known for her marriage of more than 20 years with her high school sweetheart and head chef, Anthony Bourdain. However, this is only part of her life.

In her youth, the personality of Nancy Putkoski was characterized by being strong and problematic. Until the arrival of Bourdain in her life, this woman was involved in vices such as drugs and alcohol. Between 1974 and 1978, she captivated him for her beauty and sweetness, despite being considered a “problematic”. Her life took a drastic turn when she married Bourdain and, when she moved to New York, she attended college and got a degree.

In the public eye, Putkoski’s life goes unnoticed. However, in the 80s she was a constant source of news when she shared her travels around the Caribbean, vacations, and adventures with what she called “the love of his life”. Likewise, both faced a bitter divorce in 2005, due to irreconcilable differences that, according to rumors, were due to the inability to have children.

Once divorced from Anthony, Nancy was completely oblivious to the public, even kept a low profile when her ex-husband married Ottavia Busia. Currently, his life remains an enigma, as do his occupations.

The life of Nancy, however, had a fleeting media attention after the death of Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide in a hotel room a couple of years later. Sources close to the family said that since his divorce with his first wife, he developed suicidal tendencies until he finally achieved his goal.

For Nancy, this was a very hard blow to deal with and although she had no contact with her ex-husband before he committed suicide, guilt persecuted her for a long time.

Nancy Putkoski is known to continue living in New York, at 63 she is still single and childless. Her estate is valued at $ 100,000 and she lives under a pseudonym and alias that only her close social circle knows.

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